Bulletin Board

    “Bulletin Board,” Friend, Feb. 2011, 12–13

    Bulletin Board

    Box of Love

    Each week in February, hang this box of love on a different family member’s door. Throughout the week, put things in the box that tell or show your love for that person. You can leave a note, a drawing, or a small treat. If you like, invite other family members to add to the box and share the love!

    1. Cut off the top flaps of a small cardboard box, such as a small cereal box.

    2. Cut out a piece of colorful paper or wrapping paper the same height as the box. Wrap the paper around the box and secure with tape or glue.

    3. Punch a hole near the top of the two short sides.

    4. Tie a ribbon or string through the two holes to make a handle to hang the box on a doorknob.

    Faith in God Challenge

    A “Developing Talents” activity

    A budget is a plan that helps you use your money wisely and save it for what is most important to you.

    Step 1: For two weeks, write down all the money you get and spend.

    Money Received

    • $3–for feeding neighbor’s dog

    • $10–for babysitting

    Money Spent

    • $.30–tithing

    • $1–tithing

    • $6–beads

    • $2–ice cream

    • $3–donation for earthquake relief

    Step 2: Look at your lists. Did you pay tithing first? Which things that you spent money for were needs? Which were wants? Mark each category in a different color.

    Step 3: On another piece of paper, list things you need and a few important things you want. Think about how you can earn and save money for these things. If you spend your money wisely, you can also give to others who are in need.

    Journal Junction

    This month, write about where you live. How many rooms does your home have? What color is it? Who else lives there? Do you share a bedroom with a sibling? What does your room look like? Write about your favorite place to be at home.