The Church Plaza
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“The Church Plaza,” Friend, Aug. 2010, 6–7

A Year on Temple Square

The Church Plaza

Come with us this month for a look at an important place on Temple Square.

On a warm and breezy day in August, Alyssa and Hayden R. from Layton, Utah, enjoyed an afternoon on the Church Plaza. The plaza is right next to Temple Square. It connects many of the buildings in the area, including the Church Office Building, the Church Administration Building, and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. The plaza has flowers, fountains, and peaceful walkways for visitors to enjoy. Let’s join Alyssa, age 9, and Hayden, age 7, as they enjoy the sights of the plaza.

About 500,000 flowers are planted on the plaza every year. There are 750 kinds, and they originated in more than 100 countries. The Church has a facility where 300,000 plants are grown. That’s a big greenhouse!

Sister Andrea Augenstein is a service missionary who gives garden tours on the plaza. She pointed out many different kinds of plants and flowers.

Tangling with a lion at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building!

Hundreds of volunteers donate 14,000 hours of their time each year to help plant on the plaza. Many Young Women and Young Men groups volunteer on Saturday mornings.

Hayden and Alyssa walk along the reflecting pool. The water in the reflecting pool is calm, and can bring peace to visitors.

Standing in front of the Church Administration Building, where President Monson’s office is.

Because of all the blooming flowers, the plaza often smells very nice!

Photographs by Christina Smith

I’m so glad Heavenly Father made flowers.

Me too!