School Friends, Church Friends
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“School Friends, Church Friends,” Friend, Feb. 2010, 18–19

School Friends, Church Friends

Not very long ago, Georgia B. and Amber W. were just school friends. They were in the same class in their school in Mount Gambier, South Australia. At recess, they liked pretending to be fairies and playing “playground chasey.” After school, they had fun riding bikes, scrapbooking, jumping on the trampoline, and playing in the cubbyhouse with Amber’s poodle puppy, Difa.

Then something happened that made their friendship even stronger.

An Invitation for Amber

At a birthday party, Georgia had told Amber and her family about the Church. Then she found out that her mum and dad were planning a fireside to teach people about Heavenly Father’s plan of happiness. Perfect! Now she could invite Amber and her family.

Georgia gave Amber a flier at school, but Amber forgot to take it home. No problem! Georgia would just call Amber’s family at home to invite them. Her mother was a little worried that Georgia’s feelings would be hurt if Amber’s mum said no. “But I didn’t care!” Georgia says. “I felt that it was really important to invite them, even if they said no.”

When Amber’s mum answered the phone, Georgia told her about the fireside. Then Amber’s mum went to talk to her husband about it. When she came back to the phone, the answer was yes. “I couldn’t believe it!” Georgia says. “I was soooo excited.”

A Wonderful Book

At the fireside, Georgia gave Amber and her brother, Lachlan, a book she really loves—the Book of Mormon. Georgia says, “I love Samuel the Lamanite and how he never gave up, and how Alma the Younger was bad but became good after he repented. And I love the story of Nephi and how he was so obedient to get the plates of brass.”

Amber and Lachlan immediately liked the book too and wanted to read it. Soon Amber’s mum and dad read the Book of Mormon too. They learned more about the Church from the missionaries, and then they were baptized.

More to Share

Now Amber and Georgia were more than just school friends—they were Primary friends too. Primary makes Amber feel happy. “It teaches me to follow God’s commandments and to be more helpful,” she says. Georgia loves Primary because her Grandmother Petal is her teacher. Her favorite Primary song is “In the Leafy Treetops.”

December 16 was a very special day for Amber. It is the day she was baptized. She felt a little afraid of going under the water. “But I felt protected because my dad and the Holy Ghost were there,” she says.

Georgia was there to share Amber’s baptism day. Then she eagerly waited for her eighth birthday so she could be baptized too.

Recently Amber and her family moved far away from Mount Gambier to Perth, Western Australia. But Amber says she and Georgia will “definitely keep in contact.” “I know we will still be under the same moon,” Georgia says.

No matter how far apart they may be, these two girls will always be special friends.

Where in the World Is Mount Gambier, South Australia?

Mount Gambier is near the southern coast of Australia. The town is built on the side of an extinct volcano. The volcano’s caldera filled up with rainwater and formed a lake. Every summer, the water in the lake turns a brilliant blue color.

globe showing Australia

Brothers and sisters: Lachlan and Amber, Georgia and Elijah

Photographs by Rachel Wallis; illustrations by Brad Teare