Our Creative Friends

    “Our Creative Friends,” Friend, Feb. 2010, 38–39

    Our Creative Friends

    Jesus Christ

    Jesus is our Savior,

    Brother, and our King.

    He saved the world, showed us the way,

    Salvation He did bring.

    Soon He shall return

    To take His rightful place,

    And for a thousand years

    Earth will be a special place.

    Kathrine and Melissa J., ages 12 and 10, Idaho

    Difference in the World

    To make the world a better place is how I want to live

    By helping others in their needs, to give.

    A simple way is to smile.

    To give to the less fortunate, to help them in every way, in every hard mile.

    To share everything we know, so they know we care.

    There is always room in our hearts for others to share our love, to share.

    By finding a solution to every problem, every sorrow.

    Keep the world so clean, to make the flowers grow.

    By feeling what sorrow others have,

    Showing the silver in every bad, to be so glad.

    Try new things with something old.

    Try your hardest to do so many things, to do.

    Be an example, so everyone can see how to make the world a better place.

    Then the others will follow your trace,

    To make the world a better place,

    To make a difference for the past, present, and the future.

    Jenna S., age 10, British Columbia, Canada


    1. Yu-en C., age 4, Taiwan

    2. Cade M., age 6, Arizona

    3. Citlali Q., age 8, Texas

    4. Grace N., age 9, Michigan

    5. Wyatt L., age 11, Arizona

    6. Lauren B., age 9, Wyoming

    7. Celia L., age 10, Colorado

    8. Nate J., age 11, Utah

    9. Madison S., age 11, Utah

    10. Phoebe C., age 5, Utah

    11. Toby C., age 5, Utah

    12. Troy B., age 9, California

    13. Bryanna W., age 9, Utah

    14. Tanna A., age 7, Nevada