Guide to the Friend
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“Guide to the Friend,” Friend, Feb. 2010, 48

Guide to the Friend

Possible Ideas for Family Home Evening

  1. Read “A Banner of Faithfulness” (pages 2–3), and discuss the value of sacrifice. What motivated John to walk so far to work on the temple every day, even after he had been injured? How did this show faith?

  2. Before family home evening, bake a cake, a pan of brownies, or another treat that must be divided to be eaten. Invite a family member to eat the treat, but explain that it must be eaten in one bite. When it is clear this cannot be done, read “Will Heavenly Father always answer my prayers?” (page 11). Why does the Lord sometimes answer our prayers piece by piece? Why is it sometimes better to receive things in portions?

  3. Read “Heavenly Father and Jehovah Created the World” (pages 14–15). Read slowly, and invite the children to stand and imitate the animals that are described. After reading, pass out paper and encourage family members to draw one of God’s creations.

  4. Read “Maria’s New Dress” (pages 36–37). Talk about why paying attention in Church is sometimes difficult. How can we better focus on Christ? Discuss how going to church properly rested and pondering spiritual things can help us contribute to our Sunday meetings.