Friends in the News
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“Friends in the News,” Friend, Feb. 2010, 47

Friends in the News

Jed, Milly, and Leanna E., 8, 6, and 4, England, are creative. Jed likes to study the scriptures and write in his journal. He also likes to play football, make crafts, and collect foreign coins. Milly likes to make treats for family home evening. She makes “I Love You” cards for her family and friends. Leanna likes to visit the temple grounds. She also likes to sing Primary songs, dance, and dress up like a fairy.

Taylor W., 11, Washington, enjoys soccer, reading, and spending time with his family. He hopes to serve a mission someday.

Tori S., 9, Utah, likes to play the piano, dance, read, and bake banana bread for her neighbors. She loves the Book of Mormon and Primary songs. She is an excellent friend.

James H., 7, Nevada, likes to tell his family that he loves them. He enjoys reading, playing with his friends, playing baseball, and learning at school. His favorite Primary song is “Book of Mormon Stories.” He is excited to be baptized when he is eight.

Katy Texas Stake

The Primary children of the Katy Texas Stake had an activity about following the prophet. They sang, learned about President Monson, and played games. They ran an obstacle course and learned about how we should choose to live the principles the prophet teaches. They signed a banner that said, “We will follow the prophet.”