A Happy Home

“A Happy Home,” Friend, Nov. 2009, 24–25

A Happy Home

Instructions: Remove these two pages from the magazine and glue them onto heavier paper. (You can also copy them or print them from friend.lds.org.) Cut out the pieces of the house and the descriptions that go with them. As you put the house together, read the description for each piece. When the house is complete, think about the things you could do to help make your own house a happy home. You can also do this activity with your family during a few family home evenings.


In Matthew 25:35–40, Jesus teaches that when we serve others we are also serving Him. When you serve your family members, it shows you love them and want them to be happy. You can strengthen your love as you serve each other, and as your family serves others. Service will bring joy and happiness into your lives and into the lives of those you serve. Think of a few things you can do to serve your family members. Then help your family think of a way you can serve together.


Your little brother just broke your favorite toy. Are you going to yell at him, or are you going to forgive him? Sometimes it is hard to forgive someone who has hurt you. But forgiveness is an important part of having a loving and happy home. Heavenly Father is happy to forgive us when we repent of doing something wrong, and He wants us to be kind and forgiving of our family members. Think about the story of how Joseph’s brothers sold him into Egypt, and then read how Joseph forgave them in Genesis 45:1–15.


Faith in Jesus Christ is an important gospel principle. Even though you can’t see Jesus, you and your family can trust in Him and try to follow His commandments. Think of the faith Lehi’s family needed when they left their home in Jerusalem, and the faith Noah’s family needed when they went into the ark. Having faith in Christ and in His gospel can bring happiness and peace to your family, even if you’re having a hard time. In Alma 32:26–31 you will find an experiment about faith that the prophet Alma asks you to try.


Just as a house needs a strong foundation, you and your family members need each other’s support. In the Book of Mormon, King Benjamin said that Jesus Christ is “supporting you from one moment to another” (Mosiah 2:21). Try to follow His example. Something as simple as a smile can show your sister that you care about her. Maybe your dad is having a hard day, or your brother is worried about a test at school. Or maybe you’re happy because someone made breakfast for you. What could you do to show that you support and love your family?


Heavenly Father hears every prayer that you and your family say. In 3 Nephi 18:21, Jesus tells us that we should pray with our families. Having family prayer can bring your family closer together as you ask for blessings for each other and thank Heavenly Father for the things He has given you. As you pray every day, you will feel the comfort and warmth of the Holy Ghost in your life and in your home. Think of a blessing that someone in your family might need. Ask your mom or dad if it can be included in your next family prayer.

A Happy Home cutouts
A Happy Home cutouts

Illustrations by Denise Kirby