Our Creative Friends

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“Our Creative Friends,” Friend, July 2009, 34–35

Our Creative Friends









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Jessie R., age 9, Pennsylvania


The temple is a wonderful sight.

It is so bright, it shines all night.

The wonderful feeling inside my heart

I love to feel, especially at night

In my bed snug and tight.

I love the temple so dear.

I leave this poem for you to hear.

Sunnie M., age 9, Utah

I Can Make a Difference by “CTR”

These three letters mean a lot to me.

They have been part of my family.

“CTR” can give you a special feeling.

Choose the right is its meaning.

Since three years old, I was taught this way.

Choose the right helps me have a good day.

Sometimes it’s hard to choose the right.

But I know it’s worth it, so keep that in sight.

I can make a difference

By doing what’s right.

So let’s try our best to

Choose the right

Throughout our day and our night.

Kalani G., age 10, California


Heavenly Father created the moon and the sun,

Created the earth, made all the fun,

Helps all the children to choose the right,

Let the birds fly up high,

Made the animals and the people and the fields.

Hayden Elias R., age 8, California

Cameron B., age 5, Arizona

Olivia B., age 7, California

Alanna W., age 8, Texas

Tate B., age 8, Idaho

Jimmy M., age 6, Washington

Mikelyn B., age 9, Utah

Gracie S., age 7, New Hampshire

Rebecca B., age 10, Virginia

Shannon W., age 10, Montana

Carlyn P., age 9, Colorado

Svyettlana P., age 9, Alaska

Eli B., age 7, Nebraska

Jacob P., age 8, Guyana

Isabella L., age 3, Ohio

Jeremy S., age 5, Oklahoma

Tyler N., age 5, Connecticut