Friends in the News

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“Friends in the News,” Friend, July 2009, 42–43

Friends in the News

Brentwood Third Ward

Primary children in the Brentwood Third Ward, Antioch California Stake, learned about President Monson at an activity day. They learned where he served as a mission president, where he went to college, his favorite foods, and his favorite games.

Rexburg Idaho North Stake

Primary children in the Rexburg Idaho North Stake (above) learned how to prepare to enter the temple. They built a model of a temple and were excited for the Rexburg Idaho Temple to be built. The children learned that living gospel standards will help them be worthy to receive temple blessings.

Monique Anelu M., 8, Utah, spreads her smile and laughter wherever she goes. She and her sisters like to play “Primary” and help teach family home evening lessons. Her middle name means “angel” in Samoan.

Matthew A., 7, Virginia, likes to draw and be outside with his family. He helps take care of the chickens and the dog. He is excited to be baptized.

Jeremy O., 10, Trinidad, enjoys sunshine, soccer, macaroni pie (macaroni, eggs, and cheese in a casserole), and family prayer. He admires missionaries and President Thomas S. Monson. He likes to read stories from the Friend and search for the hidden CTR ring.

Emily L., 5, California, brings sunshine into the lives of her family. She helps her mom and dad with her baby sister, plays with her younger brother, and likes to make sure her older brother is comfortable in his wheelchair.

Mountain View Ward

In the Mountain View Ward, Longmont Colorado Stake, Primary children made three-cornered hats, necklaces, and other activities from the Friend magazine.

Spencer N., 8, New Jersey, likes to draw, play video games, and think of great new ideas. He entered a drawing contest by an Internet company, and was one of the national finalists.

Roseville California Stake

Girls in the Roseville California Stake learned about Joseph Smith, President Monson, and the pioneers during an activity. They painted and wrapped wooden blocks with ribbon, then put a picture of President Monson in the center. They know they can trust in the Savior, pray to Heavenly Father for help, and always follow the prophet.

Luke F., 6, Missouri, is a good baseball player and likes the St. Louis Cardinals. He enjoys having family prayer each night and is a wonderful example to his younger siblings, Ty and Kate. Luke likes school and is a good reader and writer. He likes riding his bike and playing the guitar.