Candlestick Salad

    “Candlestick Salad,” Friend, Dec. 2008, 36

    Candlestick Salad

    This candle will brighten your holiday, and it tastes wonderful!

    1 cup alfalfa sprouts, divided

    4 pineapple rings

    4 ripe bananas

    1 cup strawberry yogurt

    4 fresh strawberries

    1. Spread 1/4 cup alfalfa sprouts on four individual serving plates. Place pineapple rings on top of the sprouts.

    2. Peel and slice a 3-inch (8-cm) piece of banana. Stand the banana upright in the pineapple ring. Cut a notch across the top of the banana.

    3. Pour yogurt over the banana and let it drizzle down the sides to resemble melted wax.

    4. Slice strawberries about 1/4 inch (.6 cm) thick. Stand the strawberry slice in the notch in the banana to look like the flame on a candle.

    5. Cut four 1/2-inch (1-cm) thick slices from the remaining bananas.

    6. Cut a notch in the banana slices. Stand them on the edge of the pineapple ring for a handle. Serve immediately.