Our Creative Friends

“Our Creative Friends,” Friend, Sept. 2008, 32–33

Our Creative Friends


The skies are blue,

The mountains are tall,

Trees are green,

And they are all Heavenly Father’s creations.

Babies are small,

Children are active,

Parents are loving,

And they are all a part of Heavenly Father’s plan of salvation.

Caleb K., age 9, Arizona

Primary Power

Primary power is number one,

Primary power helps us follow the Son,

Primary power teaches our souls,

Like a mama horse teaches her foals.

We all sit down and learn today,

Learning to find and follow His way.

We can kneel down and learn to pray,

Saying what we need to say.

We need to follow His commandments each day,

We need to listen to what the prophets say.

Primary power is number one,

Primary power helps us follow the Son.

Cami B., age 8, Virginia

The Heir

The Heir is in heaven,

He is the King of the world.

He has powers beyond believing,

Those powers He has unfurled.

He is our precious Savior,

He is very nice and kind.

He wants us to come back to Him,

The true Church He wants us to find.

Seth L., age 9, Texas

My Mom

My mom is having cancer, which makes me very sad.

She doesn’t get to play as much, which sometimes makes me mad.

I said a prayer, and I think it’s going to be all right.

I hope she’ll make it through with all her mighty might.

Heavenly Father loves her very much.

She is still home sometimes for breakfast, dinner, and lunch.

She still can give me hugs, just be careful with her heart.

With all of us very busy, I need to do my part.

XOXOXO down here there’s lots of love.

XOXOXO there’s lots of love above.

Her favorite color is yellow, just like the shining sun.

She sure has love down here; look, she has a ton.

I love her, we love her,

Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and also the Holy Ghost love her.

She is still my friend even when she has no hair.

When I’m really sad I know she is always there.

And now I finish my poem today.

And, Mom, if you read this, don’t worry, you’ll be OK.

Sienna S., age 8, Illinois


Hannah E., age 9, Russia

Clara R., age 8, Washington

Joseph J., age 7, South Carolina

Dallie J., age 7, Oregon

Austin R., age 10, Utah

Lindsey S., age 8, California

Joshua B., age 5, Illinois

Lauren A., age 7, North Carolina

Abby A., age 9, Minnesota

Adrienne G., age 8, Arkansas

Isaac S., age 8, Missouri

Carter B., age 6, Arizona

Ty H., age 7, Idaho

Justin A., age 6, Victoria, Australia

Nick F., age 5, California