My Special Time

“My Special Time,” Friend, Sept. 2008, 7

My Special Time

When darkness settles on my house

I kneel beside my bed.

I close my eyes and think of Thee,

And with reverence bow my head.

This is my very special time,

My time to spend with Thee,

My time to offer up my thanks

For all Thou givest me.

I thank Thee for my very life,

For parents kind and true.

They teach me what I need to know

And all that I must do.

I thank Thee for the Savior,

Who gave all that He could give.

He came to sacrifice His life,

To die that all may live.

I thank Thee for just listening

To all my youthful cares.

I thank Thee for our special time

And for my answered prayers.

Illustration by Steve Kropp