I Will Treat Others Kindly
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“I Will Treat Others Kindly,” Friend, Aug. 2008, 40

I Will Treat Others Kindly*

The other day at recess I was playing football with some of my friends. A girl from our class came over and asked if she could play with us. Some of the boys told her no because she was a girl. They said girls can’t play football. She looked really sad and started to walk away.

I remembered when the older boys wouldn’t let me play with them because I was too little. It made me feel bad. I told her to come back and that I would play a different game with her. Then the other boys said it would be OK if she played. She was so happy, and she turned out to be a better player than a lot of the boys. Now she plays with us every day. I feel good inside knowing I helped her to be happy. It makes me happy when I help others.