Friends by Mail

    “Friends by Mail,” Friend, Nov. 2006, inside front cover

    Friends by Mail

    Natalie’s Missionaries

    I loved reading “Andrew’s Missionary” in the November 2005 Friend. I have two older brothers who are going on missions. One is in the MTC preparing to go to the Paraguay Asunción Mission. The other will leave in a few weeks to serve in the Rapid City South Dakota Mission. I think Ben set a good example for Andrew just like my two brothers are doing for me.
    Natalie Paige H., age 7 (with Elders Jared H. and Donald H. III), Arizona

    Wrong Turn

    A friend and I were riding our bikes when I had a feeling that I should turn a certain way. Instead, I went a different way. I hit a bump, fell off my bike, hit my knee on the pavement, and had to get stitches. It really hurt.

    I am not a member of the Church, and I didn’t know that the Holy Ghost was trying to warn me. Now I know about the Holy Ghost and I want to listen to His voice from now on. It is a voice I can trust to help me choose the right all my life.
    Carleen B. P., age 10, Alberta, Canada

    Warm Inside

    My brother got married in the Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple. When we got there I wanted to go into the temple so badly, but I knew I could only go into the lobby because I was too young. When we entered the temple doors I felt warm inside. When my brother and his wife came out, I could see how happy they were. Even though I couldn’t go inside, it was still a good experience for me. I still can’t wait to go into the temple.
    Alyson K., age 10, Nevada

    An Embarrassing Arrest

    One day in my class I had to “arrest” a girl in another class for a mock trial we were doing. I was really embarrassed and prayed for help. My teacher said I had done better than anyone she had seen do it in 18 years. Later that night I thanked Heavenly Father for His help.
    Quinn D., age 10, North Carolina