Planting a Garden

“Planting a Garden,” Friend, June 2006, 23

Planting a Garden

To help them be prepared, as the prophet has counseled, Jennie and her mother have planted a garden. Jennie is trying to pick the ingredients for fresh salsa, but she is a little confused about Mom’s directions. Can you help her? Circle the things she needs to pick and cross out the ones she doesn’t. (See answers on this page.)

  1. Don’t pick anything that begins with the letter “Z.”

  2. Pick anything with a double “P” in its name.

  3. Don’t pick anything that rhymes with “bees.”

  4. This fruit is usually red. Pick three of them.

  5. Don’t pick anything with a double “T.”

  6. This vegetable grows underground. Pick one.

  7. If it ends with a “Y,” don’t pick any.

Garden activity

Illustrated by Brad Teare