The Birthday Card

“The Birthday Card,” Friend, May 2006, 30

The Birthday Card

Birthday card

Illustrated by Val Chadwick Bagley

Katy was looking at the calendar when she saw that her mom had a birthday soon. Katy wanted to buy her mom a card, but she did not have any money. Katy looked under the couch cushions, in her drawers, and in her closet, but she could not find any money. She sat on her bed and a few tears ran down her face. Mom saw Katy crying. “Why are you crying, Katy?” Mom asked. “Because I do not have any money to buy you a birthday card,” Katy said. “Oh, Katy, it’s the thought that counts,” Mom said. Katy decided to write all her thoughts about her Mom on paper. Then Katy used her crayons to color the paper yellow and blue. Katy smiled when she saw the pretty birthday card she had made. “Mom was right. It is the thought that counts!” declared Katy.