Tsunami Sacrifice

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“Tsunami Sacrifice,” Friend, Jan. 2006, 42

Tsunami Sacrifice

When my parents told our family of the many people hurt and killed by the tsunami in Asia in December 2004, I felt sad for the children who didn’t have parents to help them anymore. Our family wanted to help the people hurt by the tsunami. We decided not to buy any groceries for one week and give our grocery money to the Church so it could be used to help. I wanted to give all the money that I had to the survivors. I opened my wallet and dumped all my money out. It was hard because I had been working and saving my money for a long time. My mom helped me count it, fill out the donation form, and put it in a tithing envelope. I felt good afterward because I knew that I had helped other people who had lost everything, and I knew that is what Jesus would do.

McKay W., age 6, Oregon