Welcome, Jesus
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“Welcome, Jesus,” Friend, Dec. 2005, 13

Welcome, Jesus

“Welcome, Jesus,” Mary whispers.

“Welcome, baby,” Joseph sighs.

“We will love you, teach you, feed you.

We will sing you lullabies.”

“Little Jesus, how we love you,

In our arms so sweet and small.

Little Jesus, how we love you,”

Sings the couple in the stall.

Long beyond that Christmas morning

In His heavenly home above,

He will greet them with a new song

Of His own redeeming love.

Dearest Mary, how He loves you.

Humble Joseph, honored friend—

You who in His earthly boyhood

Loved Him, taught Him, fed Him then.

Jesus welcomes all His children—

Those who answer to His call.

He will love us, teach us, feed us.

He’s the Bread of Life for all.

Welcome, Jesus, how we love you!

Let our lives sing out for joy!

Welcome, Savior, how we love you—

Come to earth a baby boy.

And It Came to Pass Also That a New Star Did Appear © Judy Law, do not copy