Ten Points

“Ten Points,” Friend, Sept. 2005, 38

Ten Points

One night, my family was playing a game about geography. My sister and I were playing against our two brothers. There was an outline of the United States on the game board. The person whose turn it was had to name the state my dad pointed to. If that person couldn’t answer the question, his or her partner could help. There was a U.S. map on the wall, but we weren’t supposed to look at it during our turn. Once while my sister was trying to remember her state, I glanced at the map and saw the name of the state next to hers.

Soon Dad pointed at the state that I had seen, and I named it. I felt bad. I knew that I shouldn’t have looked. After we named all the states we could, my dad added up the points. We got eleven points, and my dad was about to write it down, but I said, “No, ten points! I looked at the map.”

My dad said, “Wow, thanks for being honest.”

We still lost the game, but I was happy that I told the truth.

Casey A. Crowley, age 10, is a member of the Midvale Eighth Ward, Midvale Utah Stake.

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