Following the Prophet

“Following the Prophet,” Friend, Sept. 2005, 39

Following the Prophet

For several months our family had been planning a vacation to a theme park. We had been doing chores and saving our allowance to have spending money. We were counting the days.

At the beginning of May, we held a family council where Mom reviewed our family budget and explained that money was tight. Dad presented a travel budget, and we realized that we couldn’t go on the trip without going into debt. We had a hard decision to make. We could go to the park and add to our debt, or wait until we could pay it off and save enough for next year. We talked about the prophet’s counsel to get out of debt and stay out of debt. Although it was a very difficult decision and some of us even cried, we chose to wait till next year.

We still wish we could go this year, but we are happy that we are following the prophet and know that we will be blessed for doing it.

The Dimmicks are members of the Aguadilla Ward, Mayaguez Puerto Rico Stake.

Illustrated by Rebecca Jacobson