Journey to the Temple
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“Journey to the Temple,” Friend, Sept. 2005, 24–25

Journey to the Temple

A game with 4 or more players

  1. Remove pages 24–25 from the magazine and mount on heavy paper. Write numbers 1 through 20 on slips of paper and put them in a sack.

  2. Divide the players into two “families” and give each player a marker that matches his or her family. One family could use different colored scraps of paper and the other family different buttons. Choose a player to go first.

  3. The first player draws a number and follows the instructions for that number on the board. That player can share moves with other family members if he or she wishes. For example, a player awarded three spaces can move one space and let two family members move one space each. Then a player of the opposing family takes a turn and so on until every player has had a turn. If the teams are uneven, one family can take two turns in a row. If you run out of numbers, reuse them.

  4. After reaching the temple, a player can still draw numbers and share the moves with the family. The first family to get all of its members to the temple wins.


Illustrated by Mark Thompson and Brad Teare


  1. If you said family prayers yesterday, the whole family can move ahead 2 spaces.

  2. Were you on time to church? If yes, move ahead 1 space.

  3. Tell one thing you learned in church this week and move ahead 1 space.

  4. Explain what the Word of Wisdom is and move ahead 2 spaces.

  5. Tell about your favorite Book of Mormon story and move ahead 3 spaces.

  6. If you didn’t fight with your family members today, move ahead 2 spaces.

  7. Tell about a time when you told the truth and move ahead 2 spaces.

  8. Name three cities where there are temples and move ahead 3 spaces.

  9. Tell your favorite story about Jesus and move ahead 3 spaces.

  10. Do you believe that President Gordon B. Hinckley is a true prophet, or are you praying to know if he is? If yes, move ahead 3 spaces.

  11. If you read the scriptures yesterday, move ahead 2 spaces.

  12. Did you listen during church? If so, move ahead 1 space.

  13. Explain why it is important to pay tithing and move ahead 2 spaces.

  14. Explain how you can choose good entertainment—books, movies, and music—that are clean. Move ahead 1 space.

  15. Sing a song about families or the temple and move ahead 2 spaces.

  16. If you’ve been trying hard to be reverent in church, move ahead 2 spaces.

  17. If you have been kind to animals this week, move ahead 1 space.

  18. Name one time today when you were obedient to your parents or the commandments and move ahead 3 spaces.

  19. Explain how you feel when you see the temple and move ahead 1 space.

  20. Tell something you like about each member of your real family, and each member of your game family can move ahead 2 spaces.

Note: If you do not wish to remove pages from the magazine, this activity may be copied, traced, or printed from the Internet at Click on Gospel Library.