Mixed-up Animals

    “Mixed-up Animals,” Friend, Sept. 2005, 26

    Mixed-up Animals

    Noah loaded animals onto the ark to save them from the flood (see Gen. 7). Look up each of the scripture references below and find the animal or animals that it mentions. Then draw a line from the animal to the correct reference. You can learn more about Noah and the animals on the ark by reading Genesis 6–8.

    Mixed-up Animals

    Illustrated by Brian Bean

    Gen. 1:25

    Gen. 22:8

    Judg. 14:8

    Ps. 59:6

    Isa. 11:6

    Gen. 8:8

    Ps. 32:9

    Job 38:41

    Matt. 7:6

    Ex. 19:4

    Isa. 11:7

    Matt. 19:24

    Matt. 25:32