Where Does Tithing Go?

“Where Does Tithing Go?” Friend, Sept. 2005, 14–15

Where Does Tithing Go?

  1. When we earn money, we pay 10 percent to the Lord. This is called tithing.

  2. We give our tithing to the bishop or branch president or one of his counselors,

  3. who then counts and records it with the help of a ward or branch clerk.

  4. Then Church leaders in Salt Lake City, Utah, decide where the tithing is most needed.

  5. It may be used to help build a new meetinghouse.

  6. It could go toward building a new temple.

  7. Or maybe your tithing will help publish materials for missionary work.

  8. No matter how your tithing is spent, it helps with the Lord’s work on earth.

Photography by Christina Smith, posed by models