Shimmering Stones
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“Shimmering Stones,” Friend, Sept. 2005, 16

Shimmering Stones

To make these “precious stones,” you will need: newspaper, a disposable foil pie tin, water, a ruler, clear nail polish, and clean, dry, smooth stones.

  1. Spread the newspaper over your work area.

  2. Fill the pie tin with water 3/4″ (2 cm) deep.

  3. Add just one drop of nail polish to the water. It will spread out over the water, forming a film.

  4. Select one stone. Carefully hold the sides of the stone while rolling it slowly across the bottom of the pie tin.

  5. Place the rock on the newspaper and let it dry completely before handling.

  6. Ask a parent or another adult where to discard the leftover water. Repeat the previous steps to make another stone.