A Letter to Santa
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“A Letter to Santa,” Friend, Dec. 2004, 37

A Letter to Santa

Last Christmas Madison brought her mother a letter to Santa Claus. In it she had written that she really didn’t need anything for Christmas, but she would like him to use the money inside to help buy presents for children who didn’t have much. She asked her mom to make sure that Santa got the letter and the enclosed plastic sandwich bag full of money. It was all of her savings—about $30. Her mom asked if she would like to keep a little of the money, since it was all she had. Madison started to take out a 10-dollar bill, but quickly returned it to the bag, saying she wouldn’t feel good about that.

About a week later, a box was left on her front porch. In the box was a beautiful handmade blanket. There was a letter telling Madison that she had helped others to remember the true meaning of Christmas. The letter said to always serve others and help those in need. The letter was signed “Mrs. Santa Claus.”

Madison Gibbons, age 6, is a member of the Aiken Ward, Augusta Georgia Stake.