Christmas Music Quiz
December 2004

“Christmas Music Quiz,” Friend, Dec. 2004, 26

Christmas Music Quiz

Draw a line to a picture of a word missing from a phrase of a song from the Children’s Songbook. (See answers below.)

Christmas Music Quiz

Illustrated by Elise Black

  1. “This is the _______ proclaiming the birth, singing ‘Hosanna!’ and ‘Peace on the earth!’” (“The Nativity Song,” pp. 52–53).

  2. “Stuff a _______ for a loved one; hang the holly joyously” (“Have a Very Merry Christmas!” p. 51).

  3. “And can you see so rev’rently the _______ kneeling there?” (“Picture a Christmas,” pp. 50–51).

  4. “A loving mother laid her baby in a _______ filled with hay” (“Once within a Lowly Stable,” p. 41).

  5. “‘And _______ will be born in a land far, far away’” (“Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus,” p. 36).

  6. “ _______ riding through the desert dark and far” (“Stars Were Gleaming,” p. 37).

  7. “Fairest little Jesus child, from the heavens angels smiled. We a _______ before thee lay” (“Little Jesus,” p. 39).

  8. “Onward going, gleaming, glowing, leading still, our Christmas _______ !” (“Stars Were Gleaming,” p. 37).

  9. “Have a most exciting Christmas! Ring a bell and trim a _______ “ (“Have a Very Merry Christmas!” p. 51).

  10. “While _______ watches through the night, a star reflects thy light” (“Mary’s Lullaby,” pp. 44–45).

  11. “He urged the donkey forward then, with _______ on its back, and carried bread and goat cheese in a little linen sack” (“When Joseph Went to Bethlehem,” pp. 38–39).


  • (1) angel,
    (2) stocking,
    (3) shepherds,
    (4) manger,
    (5) baby Jesus,
    (6) Wise Men,
    (7) gift,
    (8) star,
    (9) tree,
    (10) Joseph,
    (11) Mary.