Christmas on Temple Square
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“Christmas on Temple Square,” Friend, Dec. 2004, 24–25, 27

Christmas on Temple Square

When Jesus Christ came to earth, He was born in a lowly stable. Today majestic temples all over the world are dedicated to Him.

This Christmas season, celebrate His birth by helping to decorate Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Instructions: Remove pages 24–25, and mount them on heavy paper. Remove page 27 and save. Beginning on 1 December, read the activity listed and complete it during the day. Then cut out the picture from page 27 that fits in the corresponding numbered space, and glue it in place.

Christmas on Temple Square
Christmas on Temple Square

Illustrated by Dilleen Marsh

  1. Send a Christmas card to a loved one.

  2. Do a secret act of kindness.

  3. Remember to thank a family member.

  4. Help with a chore when it’s not your turn.

  5. Remember to think of Jesus during the sacrament.

  6. Talk about your ancestors. What was Christmastime like in their day?

  7. Sing a Christmas song with your family.

  8. Compliment each family member.

  9. Give a small gift anonymously.

  10. Write (or draw) a family Christmas tradition in your journal.

  11. Make a Christmas craft for a neighbor or the missionaries.

  12. Read Isa. 9:6 and Mosiah 3:1–8 with your family.

  13. Go caroling with your family.

  14. Draw a picture of your favorite temple.

  15. Write down your testimony, and keep it in your journal.

  16. Look at the sky, and remember the sign given at Jesus’ birth.

  17. Ask your parents to tell a Christmas memory from their childhood.

  18. Visit someone who may be lonely.

  19. Draw a picture of what Christmas means to you.

  20. Help your family make a favorite Christmas treat.

  21. Name one way you can better prepare to meet the Savior someday.

  22. Name one way you can follow the Savior.

  23. Read 3 Ne. 1:1–23 with your family.

  24. Read Luke 2:1–20 with your family.

Christmas on Temple Square Cutouts

Christmas on Temple Square Cutouts

Illustrated by Dilleen Marsh

Note: If you do not wish to remove pages from the magazine, this activity may be copied, traced, or printed out from the Internet at Click on Gospel Library.