I’m Going There Someday
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“I’m Going There Someday,” Friend, Aug. 2004, inside front cover

I’m Going There Someday

My family lives about 20 miles north of the Washington D.C. Temple. It’s close to my daddy’s school and the army base where we buy groceries, so I get to see it a lot. Whenever we drive past, I look for the angel Moroni and ask my mom if we can go to the visitors’ center. I love the beautiful flowers around the temple, and I especially love to see the statue of Jesus and watch movies in the visitors’ center.

I decided to build a temple out of my blocks, and I asked my mom to help me. We built it as big as we could, using every block I have. I felt happy when we finished it. We displayed it in our house, and I showed it to all my friends who came to visit.

In Primary we learn lots of songs, and I love singing about the temple. I want to get married there someday. I told my mom I want to marry Daddy. She said he is already taken, but that I will find another great man to marry when I grow up. I know the temple is Heavenly Father’s house. I can’t wait until I can go to the temple.
Abigail Emma Smith, age 3, with help from her mom
Olney, Maryland

Illustrated by Mark Robison