Pioneer Puzzle Game

    “Pioneer Puzzle Game,” Friend, July 2004, 24–25

    Pioneer Puzzle Game

    To play the game, you will need: a die and a game piece such as a bean or a button for each player.

    Instructions: Remove pages 24–25 from the magazine. Cut out the puzzle pieces in the center of the game board, glue them to heavy paper, trim, and set them aside. Then mount the game board on heavy paper. Take turns rolling the die to move forward from the square marked “start.” When you land on a square with words, follow the instructions or answer the question written on the square. If you can follow the instructions or answer the question, put a puzzle piece in place. If not, it’s the next player’s turn. If a player lands on the same square more than once, he or she can choose another player to follow the instructions on the square. Continue moving around the circle until the puzzle is completed.

    Pioneer Puzzle Game
    Pioneer Puzzle Game

    Illustrated by Brad Teare

    Pioneers rested and worshipped on the Sabbath. Name one thing you can do to keep the Sabbath day holy.
    Before crossing the plains, pioneers accepted the gospel. What is one way you can prepare for baptism or keep your baptismal covenants?
    Pioneers were strong. What can you do to keep your body strong and healthy?
    We know about the pioneers because many kept journals. Name something you’d like to remember to write about in your journal.
    Pioneers’ testimonies helped them sacrifice for the gospel. Name one thing you can do to strengthen your testimony.
    Pioneers were brave. Tell about a time when you had to be brave.
    Pioneers loved their families. Tell what you love about each of your family members.
    Some pioneers traveled by handcart. If you traveled that way, what are three important things you would take with you?
    Pioneers were grateful. Name three things you’re grateful for.
    Pioneers worked hard. Name two ways you can work hard and fulfill your responsibilities.
    Pioneers were cheerful despite their challenges. How can you show a cheerful attitude?
    Pioneers followed the prophet. Name our current prophet. How can you follow him?
    Some pioneers were born in other countries. Name where you were born and the places you have lived.
    When pioneers reached the Salt Lake Valley, they started to build a temple. Name the temple closest to your home.
    Pioneers helped each other. What is one thing you can do to be helpful at home?
    Pioneers sometimes left their families for a time to serve missions. How can you prepare to be a missionary?
    Pioneers enjoyed singing. Sing or recite the words to one verse of your favorite hymn or Primary song.