See the Covered Wagon

    “See the Covered Wagon,” Friend, July 2004, 31

    See the Covered Wagon

    See the covered wagon

    (Point to eye.)

    With its big white top.

    (Hold hands over head, forming an arch.)

    See the oxen pulling it—

    (Use pointing fingers to show horns on head.)

    Clop, clop, clop.

    (Slap thighs three times with alternate hands.)

    See the wagon wheels

    (Hold hands over head, forming a circle.)

    As they roll, roll, roll.

    (Roll hands in a circular motion.)

    Sometimes they go fast

    (Roll hands faster.)

    And sometimes they go slow.

    (Roll hands slower.)

    See the father walking,

    (Walk in place, swinging arms.)

    So big, strong, and tall.

    (Stand tall.)

    See the mother walking,

    (Walk in place.)

    In her arms a baby small.

    (Keep walking and pretend to hold a baby.)

    Pioneers who crossed the plains

    (Hold hand above eyes and look out.)

    So many years ago,

    (Walk in place.)

    Walked beside their wagons

    (Hold hands over head, forming an arch.)

    Sometimes fast, and sometimes slow.

    (Roll hands fast, then slow.)

    Illustrated by Julie F. Young