Easter Lilies

    “Easter Lilies,” Friend, Apr. 2004, 7

    Easter Lilies

    Grandma bought some lilies

    and put them in a vase.

    She placed them on the table

    upon a cloth of lace.

    She said that they’re for Easter.

    I asked the question why,

    and she said, “Spring reminds me

    that we can never die.

    “In spring, buds come to life again.

    In spring, the lilies bloom.

    In spring, Christ hung upon the cross

    and left the garden tomb.”

    Now that Grandma left to be

    with Grandpa up in heaven,

    I put lilies on their graves

    and think of resurrection.

    Because the Savior sacrificed

    and rose on the third day,

    I will see them both again.

    In gratitude, I pray.

    Illustrated by Brad Teare