You Are Never Alone

“You Are Never Alone,” Friend, Nov. 2003, 28

You Are Never Alone

Based on a true story

I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee (Heb. 13:5).

Heidi loved animals, especially cats. So she was excited when her cat, Thunder, had four kittens. Two kittens were black as night, and the other two were gray with a touch of marble—just like their mother.

Heidi took very good care of Thunder and her new babies. She made sure Thunder had plenty of food and water. She kept the area of the garage where the kittens had been born clean, safe, and warm.

On a sunny afternoon when the kittens were a few weeks old, Thunder seemed to be a little restless. Heidi thought the cat might enjoy a walk while the kittens were sleeping, so she picked her up and headed outside. But they hadn’t gone far when Thunder jumped out of Heidi’s arms and ran away. Heidi tried to catch her, but the mother cat quickly disappeared.

Heidi was frightened. She searched frantically under bushes, in trees, and through a neighbor’s weed patch. She could not find Thunder anywhere.

Heartbroken, Heidi walked slowly home with empty arms. She kept thinking about the tiny kittens. What would happen to them? Would they die without their mother? Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she neared home.

Suddenly she smiled. “My family will help me find Thunder!” she thought. She ran eagerly inside, calling out for help. To her dismay, she couldn’t find anybody. Now what should she do? She was all alone and scared. Then the thought came to her that she was never all alone. Heavenly Father was always with her.

Heidi ran up to her room and knelt by her bed. She asked Heavenly Father to please help her find Thunder so the kittens would be taken care of and not die. She got up and headed out to look for Thunder again. The first thing she saw was Thunder—calmly washing herself by the garage door! Heidi was so happy that she cried.

At church the next Sunday, Heidi told her friends that her prayer had been answered. She knew Heavenly Father was always with her.