Paul Learns about Jesus

“Paul Learns about Jesus,” Friend, Sept. 2003, 12

Paul Learns about Jesus

Chapter 60


Paul had watched the people kill Stephen. One day Paul was going to the city of Damascus with some friends to put more disciples into prison. Acts 7:58; Acts 9:1–2

Paul sees bright light

Suddenly a bright light came down from heaven and surrounded him. He fell to the ground. Then he heard the voice of Jesus from heaven, asking him why he was trying to hurt the Saints. Paul was afraid. When he asked Jesus what to do, the Savior said to go to the city, where he would be told what he needed to know. Acts 9:3–6

Paul becomes blind

Paul got up and opened his eyes, but he could not see. He was blind. His friends took him into Damascus. Acts 9:8–9

Ananias goes to Paul

A disciple named Ananias lived in Damascus. In a vision, Jesus told Ananias to go to Paul. Acts 9:10–11

Ananias blesses Paul

Ananias had the priesthood. He put his hands on Paul’s head and gave Paul back his sight. Then Ananias baptized Paul and gave him the gift of the Holy Ghost. Acts 9:17–18

Paul becomes a missionary

Paul became a missionary for the Church. He wrote many letters. He went to many lands and taught the gospel. And when some of the other Apostles were killed, Paul was also ordained an Apostle. Acts 26:16–23; Rom. 1:1

Illustrated by Paul Mann