Beat the Timer

“Beat the Timer,” Friend, Sept. 2003, 21

Beat the Timer

A Game

It’s important to put your toys away. Toys left on the floor may cause someone to trip and fall. When you put your toys away, they won’t get broken and can be found the next time you want to play with them. But sometimes putting toys away isn’t nearly as much fun as playing with them. Why not make a game of cleaning your room?

Ask an older person to show you how to set a baking timer, and set it for one minute. In that one minute, put away toys that are red. Count how many you can put away before the buzzer rings.

If someone else is helping you, take turns giving orders: “Look for all the blue toys,” or “Put away all the dolls.” Work together to put as many toys away as you can before the buzzer rings.

Remember that the toys must be put where they belong. Shoving them under the bed or hiding them in the closet (if they don’t belong there) is cheating!

Before you know it, your room will be as neat as can be!