Plague of Frogs

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“Plague of Frogs,” Friend, Nov. 2002, 32

Plague of Frogs

God gave them knowledge and skill (Dan. 1:17).

When Moses asked the pharaoh of Egypt to let the children of Israel go into the wilderness, Pharaoh refused. The Lord sent plagues (many really bad things) to help Pharaoh change his mind. One of these was a plague of frogs. The frogs were everywhere, and the people hated them.

Make your own plague of frogs by gathering several 3″ x 5″ (8 cm x 13 cm) index cards and frog-color crayons and/or markers, then following these steps (see illustrations for each step):

  1. Decorate the blank side of the card with lines, dots, and squiggles.

    Paper frogs
  2. Fold the card in half the long way with the design on the outside. Then open it back up.

  3. With the blank side facing you, fold the right top corner down to the left edge to make a triangle, then open the card back up.

  4. Do the same on the left top corner to the right edge, then open the card back up.

    Folding paper frogs
  5. Turn the card over to the frog-colored side. You will find a folded X on the card. Fold the top half of the card down so that the X is folded in half.

  6. Open the card back up and turn it over to the blank side. Push the sides in and down along the fold lines at the top. Push the top down to form a triangle.

  7. Fold the right flap of the triangle to the center. Do the same with the left flap. This will form a diamond shape.

  8. Fold the right and left flaps to the bottom edges of the diamond. This makes the front legs of the frog.

  9. To start making the back legs, fold the bottom part of the card inward from both sides so that two sides meet in the center.

    Folding instructions
  10. Fold down the top of the frog just below the diamond shape.

  11. Turn the frog over and fold the bottom part of the frog in half toward you. This gives the frog “knees.”

  12. Turn the finished frog over and make eyes. To make the frog jump, push its back down and quickly let it go. Have your family help you make a plague-sized batch of frogs. Then use them in a family home evening lesson about Moses and the children of Israel. Afterward, your frogs can plague your desk or bookcase. You can also have frog races or jumping contests.