Witness as an Apostle

    “Witness as an Apostle,” Friend, Sept. 2002, 36–37

    Witness as an Apostle

    See Ensign, February 1974, page 18.

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    Illustrated by Mike Eagle

    President Heber J. Grant called Harold B. Lee into his office one morning.

    President Grant: Tomorrow you will be sustained as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

    Harold: But, President Grant, do you really think that I am worthy of this call?

    President Grant: My boy, if I didn’t think so, you would never be called to this position.

    That night Harold couldn’t sleep. All he could think about was the foolish mistakes he had made in his life and about all the people he might have offended. He knelt to pray.

    Harold: Heavenly Father, I will love and forgive every soul that has walked the earth. I pray that Thou wilt forgive me in return and make me worthy to be Thy servant.

    The next day, he nervously went to the temple and was ushered into the room where the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles meet with the First Presidency.

    President Grant: Take a seat here, Elder Lee.

    Elder Lee: Imagine all the great men who have sat in this room, in these chairs!

    After the ordination, one of the Apostles gave Elder Lee an assignment.

    Apostle: Now, you know that after having been ordained, you are a special witness of the Lord Jesus Christ. We want you to give the Easter talk on the radio next Sunday night.

    Elder Lee went into a room in the Church Office Building to read Bible accounts of Jesus’ life. As he read, he realized that he was having a new experience.

    Elder Lee: I can almost see the events as if they are happening right now!

    Elder Lee learned that every Apostle receives a special personal witness of Jesus Christ. When Easter Sunday came, he was ready to speak.

    Elder Lee: I am now the least of all my brethren and want to witness to you that I know, as I have never known before this call came, that Jesus is the Savior of this world. He lives, and He died for us.