Temple Time

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“Temple Time,” Friend, Aug. 2002, 25

Temple Time

And, behold, the glory of the Lord filled the house (Ezek. 43:5).

The blessings of the temple are for the whole family, even if only Mom and Dad may enter it. The temple is a reverent and holy place. When your parents come home from the temple, it would be nice if your home felt like a temple because of the peace and love inside. Here are a few things you and your parents might talk about your doing to invite the Spirit into your home while your parents are at the temple.

With your parents’ permission, and if the weather is nice, go for a walk—or sit outside and look at nature. In the temple, we are taught about the Creation. Think about all of Heavenly Father’s gifts as you walk on the grass, look at the stars, or listen to the birds. You might want to take your scriptures outside and read about the Creation (see Moses 2–3:19).

Make a special effort to be like Jesus. Above all, don’t fight with your brothers and sisters or disobey the baby-sitter. Fighting invites Satan’s influence. Instead, be especially kind to everyone.

In the temple, sacred ordinances such as baptism, eternal marriage, and the sealing of children to their parents are performed for our ancestors. Remember that someday you will be someone’s ancestor! Work on your scrapbook or write in your journal. Your grandchildren will want to know what you were like.

The temple is a “house of order” (see D&C 88:119; D&C 132:8). If any of the rooms in your house seem a little disorganized—or are downright messy—you may want to make your house a little more orderly. Can you imagine how pleased your parents would be to find the living room dusted, the dishes washed, or your own room cleaned up?

If you have a Church video, you might watch it, then look for what it was about in the scriptures or in the Friend. Afterward, draw a picture of the temple your parents went to.

Bear your testimony. You don’t have to wait for fast Sunday to talk about Jesus. If you have no one to share your testimony with, you can write it in your journal, in a letter to your parents, or in a note to a friend.

Remember that when you are twelve, if you are worthy, you will be able to enter the temple to do baptisms for the dead. Later you will return to receive your own endowment, be sealed to your spouse, and do those ordinances for the dead. Draw a picture of your favorite temple and pin it on your wall to remind you of your goal.

Your body is the temple of your spirit. Take care of it. Eat a healthy snack, such as a piece of fruit. Or go outside and get some exercise with your brothers and sisters. Remember to thank Heavenly Father for the body He has blessed you with.

Do fun acts of service such as leaving nice notes on your parents’ pillows or secretly doing one of your brother’s or sister’s chores.

If you have an older brother, sister, or willing baby-sitter to help, make treats for when Mom and Dad get home. Be sure to clean up before they come.

If you play a musical instrument, practice playing Church hymns or other sacred music. If you don’t play an instrument, sing Church hymns or listen to uplifting music. (There are songs about the temple in Children’s Songbook and in Hymns.

When your parents come home, greet them at the door with a hug and a kiss.

Illustrated by Scott Greer