Guide to the Friend

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“Guide to the Friend,” Friend, Aug. 2002, inside back cover

Guide to the Friend

The Guide to the Friend can help you find stories or articles for preparing lessons or talks for church or for family home evening. Look for the FHE symbol on the [original magazine] pages mentioned in the Family Home Evening Ideas. The Primary theme for August is: “We serve others through temple work.”

Family Home Evening Ideas

If your parents ask you to help plan a family home evening, you may want to use an idea from the Friend. Here are some ideas in this issue that you may like:

  1. Tell the story “Grandma’s Doll” (pages 4–6). Talk about some of the things you know about your ancestors, including ways you may be like them and ways you may be different. Discuss the ideas in “Temple Time” (pages 24–25) so that you will know some things you can do while your parents are at the temple.

  2. Make a copy of the “Temple Crossword” (page 23) for each family member, then do it together. Read “To Save Our Ancestors” (page 7) by Elder David B. Haight. Ask a parent to explain what the granite storage vaults east of Salt Lake City have to do with the building of temples. Resolve to live worthy to go to the temple one day. End with the poem “The Lord’s Temple” (page 30).

  3. Ask a family member to tell the story “Fully-Charged Flashlight” (pages 14–16). Share times when you have been prompted by the Spirit. Share the experiences of Elder Robert S. Wood as told in “The Witness of the Holy Ghost” (pages 8–9). Each of you decide on one thing that you can do better this week to be more worthy of the Spirit’s guidance.

  4. Ask a brother or sister to memorize and present “Slugger” (pages 26–27). Then tell the story “Finding Grandpa Oskar” (pages 46–47). Plan a family visit to the nearest family history center and learn how to locate your ancestors. Sing “Families Can Be Together Forever” (Children’s Songbook, page 188).

  5. Read “Making Friends: Cameron Blackwell of Jeffersonville, Indiana” (pages 20–22). Were you surprised to learn that Cameron has to overcome a difficult problem to accomplish so much? Make a copy of Journal Page (page 39), and have each family member fill it out and save it. Who are your family heroes?