The Lord’s Temple

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“The Lord’s Temple,” Friend, Aug. 2002, 30

The Lord’s Temple

With hand actions

1. I’ll prepare myself in every way

(Point to self with finger.)

2. To go to the Lord’s temple someday.

(Bring hands together, with index fingers forming a steeple.)

3. I’ll go to church to learn all I can

(Point to the side of the head.)

4. And read the scriptures to know His plan.

(Hold palms up to form an open book.)

5. I’ll pray to the Lord both night and day

(Arms folded as if in prayer.)

6. And watch my tongue in all that I say.

(Point to mouth.)

7. I’ll hold tight to the iron rod

(Hands holding imaginary rod.)

8. So I might enter the house of God.

(Bring hands together with index fingers raised to form a steeple.)

Illustrated by Brian Bean