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“Childviews,” Friend, Aug. 2002, inside front cover



I had a feeling. I asked my father to say a prayer that a tornado would not hit our house. He said, “Don’t worry—tornados never come to this area.”

I kept asking him, and finally, with my mother, we prayed and asked Heavenly Father to make sure that a tornado would not hit our house.

Two days later, while we were at church, a tornado touched down very close to our house. After church, we drove by my school and saw trees had been torn down. Heavenly Father heard our prayer. I am grateful for prayer.

Caitlin Kingi, age 5
Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

Friend Fan

I really like the Friend. I especially like the activities and all the different stories. I look forward to getting it every month. My favorite article I have read is “Pray Always,” in the July 2001 issue. My favorite activity is hidden pictures. They are challenging, and my sisters bug me if I get to it before they do, so they like it, too. Thanks so much for making the Friend enjoyable.

Dane Layton, age 11
Centerville, Utah

Violets and an Apology

Last summer, I was playing on the sidewalk when a neighbor boy was teasing a good friend of mine. At first, I didn’t say anything. After a while, I started to tease my friend, too, and I hurt her feelings. I knew what I had done was very wrong.

I went home and talked to my mom. She helped me clean up and fix my hair. Then I got dressed in my Sunday clothes and picked some violets from our flower garden. We went to my friend’s house, and I gave her the flowers and told her I was very sorry.

I felt much better after I apologized, and I smiled all the way home.

Austin Hamon-Poulsen, age 6
Hillspring, Alberta, Canada