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“Childviews,” Friend, Dec. 2001, inside front cover


Blessings from Daddy

I was having a hard time breathing through my nose, and I always had a cold. Mommy took me to a doctor. He said that I needed to have my adenoids and tonsils taken out. I was excited because I would get to eat lots of Popsicles. I was scared, too. I asked Daddy to give me a blessing. On the morning of my operation, I sat on Daddy’s bed, and he gave me a priesthood blessing. He blessed me to be calm and blessed the doctor so that everything would go well in my operation.

After the operation, the doctor told Mommy that everything went very well. When I woke up, I didn’t cry, even though my tummy and throat hurt. Some other children came into the same room after their operations and screamed pretty loud.

I asked Daddy for another blessing later in the week because my throat hurt and I couldn’t stop crying. The blessing helped me calm down. Now my throat doesn’t hurt at all, and I can breathe through my nose. I’m thankful Daddy has the priesthood. I know that Heavenly Father loves me and helped me get better.

Christian Moody, age 3
Bristow, Virginia

That Good Feeling

On October the eighth, I gave the scripture in Primary. I had a good feeling inside. I learned that when I am eight, I will get baptized. My mum said that I can have that feeling all the time when I am baptized, because I will get the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Sarai Kennerley, age 6
Auckland, New Zealand

“Praying Is a Good Thing to Do”

My testimony recently got stronger when Heavenly Father answered one of my prayers. I asked Him if I could not be an only child anymore (my two older brothers had died as soon as they were born). Where I live, there aren’t many kids, and so I really wanted to have a sister or a brother. Two months ago, my mom had a baby! When I found out that I was going to have a little sister, I was very excited because I’d waited nine years. My mom and dad let me help pick the new baby’s name, and I chose to call her Anastasia. I know that praying is a good thing to do.

Alex Buchholz, age 9
Spearfish, South Dakota

Back to School

One day after school, I didn’t see Mom waiting to pick me up. I decided to walk home. I had walked a block when I thought that I should ask Heavenly Father to help keep me safe. While I was praying, I had a feeling to go back to school. I took a couple more steps, and I felt sick to my stomach. I turned around and began walking back toward school. With every step I took, I felt better. Just as I got back to school, I saw Mom getting out of our car to look for me. I told her what happened, and she agreed with me that Heavenly Father had answered my prayer and that it was the Holy Ghost who told me to go back to school. I am thankful that Heavenly Father loves me and answers my prayers.

Todd Judd, age 7
Bountiful, Utah