Rabbit without a House
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“Rabbit without a House,” Friend, Aug. 2001, 30

Rabbit without a House

The object of this game from Brazil is to not be the “rabbit without a house” to hide in. The game needs at least eight players but is more fun with a larger group.

Choose one person to be the game leader, and another person to be the first rabbit without a house. The rest of the players are divided into groups of three. Each group makes a house by having two players face each other and hold hands. The third player stands inside the house and is a rabbit. Make sure that the houses are not too close to each other.

The player chosen to be the first rabbit without a house stands in the middle of the groups, near one of the houses.

The game leader calls, “find a house!” and all of the rabbits must look for a different home. The rabbit that does not find a house becomes the next rabbit without a house.

After a while, children playing the parts of the rabbits trade places with some of the children playing the parts of the houses, until everyone has had a chance to be both a rabbit and a house.