Recess Cartoon
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“Recess Cartoon,” Friend, Apr. 2001, 37

Recess Cartoon

Learn of me, and listen to my words … , and you shall have peace in me (D&C 19:23).

Last winter when it was too cold to go out to recess, our class went into the third grade classroom to watch a video. I was excited until I found out that the video was a cartoon that our family doesn’t watch. The characters call each other mean names and use bad language. I went to the teacher and told her that I didn’t want to watch the video. She said I could color quietly at the back of the room, instead. Then I whispered to my best friend, and she agreed to play ticktacktoe with me until recess was over. I felt good that I followed Jesus Christ by not watching that video.

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki