President George Albert Smith Crossword
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“President George Albert Smith Crossword,” Friend, Apr. 2001, 15

President George Albert Smith Crossword

You can learn about President George Albert Smith, the eighth President of the Church, by doing this crossword puzzle. Read the clues, then fill in the puzzle by choosing the correct answer from the words listed below.

Crossword puzzle








southern states




  1. President George Albert Smith asked the president of the United States if the Church could send clothing and _____________ to help people in Europe after World War II.

  2. President Smith was the first President of the Church to have his general conference message broadcast over this new invention.

  3. As a youth, George played this instrument while performing with boyhood friends. He loved to sing funny songs and make people laugh.

  4. As a boy, he worked in a factory sewing buttons on _____________.

  5. He and his brothers worked hard to have __________ in their front yard. They had to haul water in buckets to make it grow.

  6. President Smith wrote a personal _____________ in which he promised to love and to serve others.


  1. Just after marrying his sweetheart, Lucy, he was called on a mission to the _______________ _____________. While in Alabama, he was shot at by a mob but was not hurt.

  2. When President Smith was a boy, a doctor told him to drink _______________ to help him recover from a serious illness. He asked for a blessing, instead. He felt better by the next day and was glad that he had kept the Word of Wisdom.

  3. Even though President Smith was often __________, he worked hard to help the Saints.

  4. As a young man, he hurt his _________ while working for the railroad.


  • Across—(2) food, (4) television, (6) guitar, (7) overalls, (9) lawn, (10) creed. Down—(1) southern states, (3) coffee, (5) ill, (8) eye.