“Childviews,” Friend, Apr. 2001, inside back cover


The Holy Ghost

The Holy Ghost makes us feel better when we do something good. “Families Can Be Together Forever” is a true song. Jesus can bless us. The Holy Ghost—that voice is true.

Jonathan Warner, age 5
Jacksonville, Florida

Sunday Girl Scouts

At Girl Scouts, we had to go horseback riding for a patch. I thought I’d be able to go, but then my leader said it was on a Sunday. I really wanted the patch, which was called “Horse Lovers,” but I knew that going on Sunday was not the right thing to do. I told my mom, and she told the leader. The leader said that Sunday was the only time they could schedule it. I decided not to go, and it felt right.

Ava Elefante, age 9
Leavenworth, Kansas

Lost Glasses

I have to wear glasses. One day when it was time to go to school, I could not find them. I looked for them and looked for them and had to go to school without them. Days passed, and it was Saturday night. I looked for them, as usual, but still could not find them. So I prayed. And I found them.

Mariah Mertlich, age 7
Puyallup, Washington

The Boy Who Wanted to Swim

I went to the swimming pool with my mom and little brother. A boy I didn’t know started bugging me and my brother by pulling on us. My mom told him to leave us alone. Later, I was practicing swimming, and the boy came up to me and asked if I could teach him to swim. I taught him what I had learned in my swimming class. He was glad for the help and was nice to me after that. I felt good for helping him.

Seth Root, age 8
St. George, Utah

Electronic composition by Mark Robison. Horse and glasses photos © PhotoDisc; pool photo © Dynamic Graphics