Stripling Warriors Game
August 2000

“Stripling Warriors Game,” Friend, Aug. 2000, 24

Stripling Warriors Game


To play this game, remove pages 24–25 from the magazine and mount them on cardboard (optional). You will need a different-color small button for each stripling-warrior player (or team), and a die. Stripling warriors take turns rolling the die and moving that number of spaces on the board. When a warrior lands on a space with writing, he/she must read what it says aloud, then obey the directions or answer the question. Then the scripture reference should be looked up and read aloud. If the answer to the question was correct, the warrior gets another turn; there is no penalty for an incorrect answer. After a warrior reaches VICTORY, he/she uses his/her future turns to help the warrior farthest away, until all the stripling warriors have achieved VICTORY.


Illustrated by Mark Robison


Why did the people of Anti-Nephi-Lehi (also called the people of Ammon) bury their weapons? (Alma 23:17; Alma 24:6, 15–17)

What was the title of liberty? (Alma 46:4–5, 11–13)

Why did the people of Ammon consider breaking their oath to not fight? (Alma 53:10–13)

Because the people of Ammon considered breaking their oath to never fight again, lose 1 turn.

Who persuaded the older people of Ammon to keep their promise to not fight? (Alma 53:14)

Could any of the people of Ammon fight without breaking the oath? If so, who? (Alma 53:16–17)

How many Ammonite warriors were there at first? (Alma 53:18)

Who was the leader of the stripling warriors, and to whom did he send a letter? (Alma 53:19; Alma 56:1)

What did their leader call the stripling warriors? (Alma 56:9–10)

March to war—move ahead 1 space.

What Nephite captain got urgently needed help from the stripling warriors? (Alma 56:10, 15–17)

For being valiant in battle, go ahead 2 spaces.

How did the stripling warriors trick the Lamanites into coming out to battle on open ground? (Alma 56:30–32, 35)

Why were the stripling warriors not afraid to fight? (Alma 56:46)

Who had taught the stripling warriors about faith in God? (Alma 56:47–48)

How many stripling warriors died in battle? (Alma 56:54–56)

How many stripling warriors fought for the city Cumeni? How many were injured? (Alma 57:23–25)

Because you were injured in battle, move back 1 space.

Go on to Victory, and give thanks to God.