The Bread Reminds Me

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“The Bread Reminds Me,” Friend, July 2000, 40–41

The Bread Reminds Me

1. The bread reminds me that Jesus died so I will live again.

The water stands for His precious blood that paid the price for sin.

Now ev’ry Sunday I thank my Heavenly Father for all He’s done

By taking the sacrament rev’rently

And remembering His Son.

2. I bow my head and I close my eyes and listen to the prayer

And think of how I can change my life to show Him that I care.

I promise I will remember Him and obey Him faithfully.

Today I remember the cov’nant I made,

And the peace He’s promised me.

Copyright © 2000 by Clive Romney. All rights reserved.
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Music, The Bread Reminds Me
Music, The Bread Reminds Me

Golgotha by Scott Snow

Photo by Welden Andersen; posed by model