Sister Simon’s Saints
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“Sister Simon’s Saints,” Friend, Mar. 2000, 19

Sister Simon’s Saints

Sister Simon’s Saints

Illustrated by Dilleen Marsh

I’m Sister Simon.
Hi! I’m Ramón.
Hello. I’m Cathlyn.
I’m Mei Lin.
Hi! I’m David.
And I’m Joshua.

What on earth are you doing, Josh?
Sure you are.

This is a very promising dig. I’m unearthing evidence of an early twenty-first century civilization.
The early twenty-first century is right now.
Exactly. From here I’ll work backward. Soon I’ll be in Book of Mormon times.

Right. So what have you discovered?

A CTR ring?
Don’t you see? This proves that a young man who wanted to choose the right inhabited this dwelling. I bet with a little more digging, I’ll find a baptismal certificate.

Brilliant might be a better word.