Sister Simon’s Saints

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“Sister Simon’s Saints,” Friend, Jan. 2000, 27

Sister Simon’s Saints

Sister Simon’s Saints

Illustrated by Dilleen Marsh

I’m Sister Simon.
Hi! I’m Ramón.
Hello. I’m Cathlyn.
I’m Mei Lin.
Hi! I’m David.
And I’m Joshua.

New Year’s Eve at Ramón’s house
Happy New Year!
Happy New Millennium!

Sleepy, mi hijo (my son)?
No, just disappointed. I thought the new millennium was going to feel different, but nothing’s changed.

I know what you mean. The reason is here in the scrapbook you were showing Tía Ynez. Do these photos look familiar?
Of course. They’re from my baptism.

Did you feel any different after being baptized and confirmed?
Well, yes—I felt clean and warm and good.

That’s because you really had changed. Your sins were forgiven, and you had the companionship of the Holy Ghost. In a way you were a whole new person. A new millennium just changes the calendar, but your baptism changed you.

Wow! My baptism was better than a once-in-a-thousand-years experience!