Good Books for Little Friends

“Good Books for Little Friends,” Friend, Jan. 2000, 21

Good Books for Little Friends

Big Help! by Anna Grossnickle Hines What’s a guy to do when his little sister, insisting on “helping” him, wrecks all his projects? Sam is a kind brother, and he finds a way to solve his problem.

Oliver & Amanda and the Big Snow by Jean Van Leeuwen Oliver and Amanda—and sometimes Mom and Dad—have a great time building (and defending) a fort and a “snorp,” sledding and “saucering,” and playing “magic wand” games with icicles. Before all the fun, they help Dad shovel the walk. Easy to read.

Looking Down by Steve Jenkins This wordless book uses cut-paper collages to give you a view that starts in outer space and zooms closer and closer to earth, to a town, and finally to a ladybug being examined by a child through a magnifying glass.

A Bear for All Seasons by Diane Marcial Fuchs Just as Bear is dropping off to sleep for the winter, his friend Fox comes to visit. As Fox describes the joys of each season, that season is Bear’s favorite. Finally he says, “‘The company of a good friend is what I love best—no matter what the season!’” Delightful art.

I Hate Roland Roberts by Martina Selway That’s what Rosie says at the beginning of the book. What would make her change her mind?